Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yoder to direct Insurance Services for Brethren Benefit Trust.

Randy Yoder begins Jan. 1, 2008, as director of Insurance Services for the Brethren Benefit Trust (BBT). He will work part-time out of his home in Huntingdon, Pa., with periods in the Elgin (Ill.) offices of BBT twice a month.

Since April 2006, Yoder has served as interim director of the Brethren Insurance Plans for BBT. He previously was a BBT field staff representative with most of his work focused on the Brethren Medical Plan and the Brethren Foundation. In 2005, he helped establish the Brethren Medical Plan District Advocate Network and facilitated many insurance-related meetings throughout the denomination. He also has represented the Brethren Medical Plan at Annual Conference and helped present related insight sessions. Prior to joining BBT, he served for 20 years as district executive minister for Middle Pennsylvania District.

In the new position, Yoder's main duties will be to provide oversight of BBT's Insurance Services and administer the service grants program related to the Ministers' Group Medical Plan, which was approved at the November meeting of the BBT board. He will continue working with the agency's Wellness Program, and also will have responsibility for exploring and developing new initiatives in insurance and insurance services.

Source: 12/19/2007 Newsline

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