Thursday, July 01, 2010

Yoder resigns as BBT's director of Insurance Services.

Randy Yoder has resigned from his position as director of Insurance Services with Brethren Benefit Trust (BBT) effective Dec. 31. He will continue to work with Insurance Services as Client Development Representative. This part-time arrangement will continue through at least June 30, 2011, but could be extended based on developmental needs.

Yoder took his current assignment for BBT on March 6, 2006, as director of Insurance Plans at a time when there was much unrest in the Brethren Medical Plan. Since that time, he has worked to stabilize the Brethren Medical Plan. Prior to this assignment, he and his wife, Peg Yoder, were hired in Jan. 2005 as independent contractors to work for BBT on special marketing projects. Then, on Nov. 1, 2005, Randy became a permanent, part-time employee serving as Field Representative.

"We would like to thank Randy for all of his leadership and service to BBT over the past several years," said an announcement from BBT.

Source: 7/1/2010 Newsline

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