Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Fire young adult movement dreams, takes action.

With a prayer of thanksgiving and guidance, the participants of New Fire 2009 left Minneapolis having dreamt dreams and implemented action plans for a vision of a revitalized young adult ecumenical movement.

The prayer asked for "the work of the Spirit in expanding our communications...the gift of prudence as we lay organizational foundations...the gift of discernment as we pilot our New Fire seed grant project...a Spirit-filled outpouring of glad and generous hearts as we expand our circle of New Fire."

A vision statement declaring, "New Fire is movement-building work to call the Church to re-imagine its mission to live out the God-given mandates of love, justice, unity, and peace on a global, regional, and local level," was given backing with the launching of an "Ecumenists of All Ages" fundraising initiative. All of the young adults present made their commitment to the movement by donating at least the amount of money equivalent to their age. A collection of more than $650 laid the foundation of their work together.

A set of goals also was adopted, including goals to form a New Fire Task Force, expand diversity and representation, finalize a concept paper and grant proposal, fund a New Fire event next year, start a seed grant pilot program and leadership training to empower local ecumenical possibilities among young adults, involve at least 100 people under age 35 and 100 over age 35 in the Ecumenists of All Ages Campaign, and develop a logo, tagline, and promotional materials.

All of this was the result of a weekend full of worship, conversation, relationship building, and issue education. The event concluded as participants gave concrete ways to take their experience with them--committing to financial support, spreading the word, and taking ecumenical action at home. Prayer partners were picked to help sustain one another in the journey.

-- Jordan Blevins is assistant director of the NCC Eco-Justice Program.

Source: 12/3/2009 Newsline

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