Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bethany Seminary announces new pastoral presence programs.

Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Ind., has announced two new programs to encourage continuing education for pastors. The "Pastoral Presence Programs" provide the opportunity for Church of the Brethren pastors to avail themselves of Bethany facilities and participate in seminary life.

The purpose of these programs is to encourage direct conversations between Brethren pastors and the seminary. Pastors can make important contributions to the life and educational context at Bethany, and Bethany can provide a space for pastors for continuing education and retreat.

A Pastor-in-Residence track and a Pastoral Sabbatical track will be offered. Both will provide a setting for focused, purposeful study through meeting with professors and students, attending classes, pursuing research and writing projects, and participating in chapel services, forums, lectures, and other campus events. The Pastor-in-Residence will be expected to spend significant time interacting with students and attending classes and program opportunities. Those in the Pastoral Sabbatical track may choose more time for personal reflection, research, and writing.

Participants will complete a formal application, including an 800-1,000 word description of the intended research project, activities, and purpose of the time spent in the program; reside at Brethren House (the seminary’s guest house) for at least two weeks; preach or make a presentation at a chapel service or forum; and complete an evaluation of the program. For more details and an online application go to

-- Marcia Shetler is director of Public Relations for Bethany Theological Seminary.

Source: 12/3/2009 Newsline

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