Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kulp Bible College holds 46th graduation ceremony.

Kulp Bible College (KBC) held its 46th graduation ceremony on Dec. 4. KBC is a ministry of Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (EYN--the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria). Fifty-five students graduated from several programs offered by KBC. Guests from the village of Kwarhi--where the campus is located--and areas further abroad in Nigeria were present to witness the granting of diplomas and certificates.

The school is the source of ministry training for pastors and church workers within EYN. Graduating students from diploma and certificate programs will be placed in ministries--in roles such as pastor, evangelist, and Bible school teacher--by EYN National Headquarters.

For the Diploma in Christian Ministry (a four-year program), 19 diplomas were awarded to 16 men and three women. Nine full-time students (eight men and one woman) and five part-time students received the Certificate in Christian Ministry.

The Women’s School granted 17 certificates to full-time students and five to part-time students. The Women’s School is an educational program to further the knowledge of women whose husbands are studying at KBC. Studies include both practical (such as basic health concepts) and biblical/theological content.

In his speech as principal of the college, Toma H. Ragnjiya congratulated the students and spoke about some of the improvements and challenges facing KBC in the future. The improvements include the implementation of a new curriculum, the Diploma in Theology, which will be granted in affiliation with the University of Jos. This affiliation program is near completion but was delayed due to a strike by national university workers. Twenty-two candidates were accepted to begin this new three-year program in February. Classes for new and continuing students will begin Feb. 1, 2010.

-- Nathan and Jennifer Hosler are Church of the Brethren mission workers serving at Kulp Bible College. In addition to this report, they requested prayer for graduating KBC students and families as they are placed in ministries; for continuing students to receive needed rest over the holiday break; for Principal Toma H. Ragnjiya and the KBC staff; and for the development of Peace and Reconciliation classes, as next semester will have its first full implementation of the new program.

Source: 12/17/2009 Newsline

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