Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dominican theology students receive introduction to pastoral care.

Thirty Brethren students in the Theological Program of the Dominican Republic participated in a weekend intensive conference titled, "Program of Preparation for Counselors," held in mid-November. Directed by a Dominican Mennonite family therapist, the conference featured dramas, role plays, small group activities, and lectures.

Students were guided in reflecting on their own families of origin, common types of Dominican families, the profile of a Christian counselor, family life cycles, and how to deal with conflictive relationships caused by infidelity and domestic violence.

Following the conference, one student commented, "I don’t have words to express all the blessings that I received during the conference. I long to receive more preparation so that I can help meet the needs of couples in my congregation."

Twelve students anticipate completing their studies at the Jan. 23, 2010, graduation to be held at San Luis "Prince of Peace" Church of the Brethren.

-- Nancy Sollenberger Heishman directs the church’s Theological Program in the DR.

Source: 12/17/2009 Newsline

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