Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mission and Ministry Board announces results of its reorganization.

The Church of the Brethren’s Mission and Ministry Board has announced the results of its action to immediately reorganize to comply with the number of members approved by Annual Conference when the Association of Brethren Caregivers and General Board merged. The action was taken at the board’s Spring meeting.

Before the economic downturn, the board planned to gradually reduce its number of members by attrition, with each member of the prior two boards invited to fill out their full terms. The immediacy of the decision was intended to help reduce expenses following a decision to reduce the operating budget for the church’s core ministries this year by $505,000.

The decision immediately reduces the number of board members from 29 to 19. Chair Eddie Edmonds has announced that the board will stand at 19 members for 2009, and will be at the approved level of 17 members following this year’s Annual Conference.

"This action represents a significant savings to the core ministries budget," said Edmonds, who also serves as pastor of Moler Avenue Church of the Brethren in Martinsburg, W.Va. "My deep appreciation and thanks to those who have now completed their service to the Mission and Ministry Board. Proper and appropriate recognition of the service of those who completed their terms of service as a result of this action will occur by the best means available."

Following are those who continue on the Mission and Ministry Board for 2009 (dates are the last year of their terms on the board): Eddie Edmonds, chair (2009), Dale Minnich, chair-elect (2011), Vernne Greiner (2010), Ken Wenger (2009), Terry Lewis (2012), Frances Townsend (2012), Dan McRoberts (2010), Willie Hisey Pierson (2013), Andy Hamilton (2013), Tammy Kiser (2011), Ben Barlow (2013), David Bollinger (2011), Hector Perez-Borges (2011), Wallace Cole (2013), Barbra Davis (2011), Chris Whitacre (2010), Colleen Michael (2011), Bruce Holderreed (2010), and John Katonah (2010).

Source: 3/25/2009 Newsline

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