Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jones ends service as director of Brethren Witness/Washington Office.

The position of director of the Brethren Witness/Washington Office has been eliminated and the Washington Office has been closed as of March 19. The elimination of this position is happening because of the economic recession and the budget reduction put in place by the Mission and Ministry Board. Each person whose position is eliminated because of the budget reduction is receiving a three-month severance package of regular salary and benefits and outplacement services.

Phil Jones’ service as director of the Brethren Witness/Washington Office ended March 19. He has been director of the office since July 21, 2003. His work at the Brethren Witness/Washington Office built on his involvement in grassroots efforts for peace and justice, including work against the death penalty and opposition to the war in Iraq. During his tenure, the office has done advocacy work based on statements of Annual Conference, and helped organize many different events such as the Christian Citizenship Seminar and annual gatherings of Brethren at the School of the Americas Watch vigils. By working through national organizations, congregations, districts, and Annual Conference, Jones has worked to raise the awareness of many people. He also offered leadership at National Youth Conference, Young Adult Conferences, and other youth gatherings as he has met with and challenged young people to examine their faith and live out the teachings of the church.

Source: 3/25/2009 Newsline

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