Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reception welcomes international guests and NYC scholarship recipients

Photo by Nevin Dulabaum

Four members of EYN in Nigeria are among the international guests at NYC 2014. They received a standing ovation during the first evening's worship service, when they were introduced during a time of violence and struggle in their home country.
"It’s exciting to have so many countries represented here, as well as people from across the US," said NYC coordinator Tim Heishman, in his welcome to the reception for International Guests and Scholarship Recipients at National Youth Conference 2014.

While it was tough to find the event, held in the North Lory Ballroom as a late night activity on Saturday, it also was tough to beat. Hosted by Church of the Brethren general secretary Stan Noffsinger and Annual Conference moderator David Steele, guests mingled freely in several circles.

Noffsinger asked how many present would be willing to travel for two days without any rest. "Some of our guests did precisely that," he said.

After Noffsinger invited people to sit in groups where they did not know anyone, I joined a group that included individuals from Harrisburg, Pa., and southern California. I live in Indiana. We all shared different levels of proficiency in Spanish and English, but as we answered some questions provided by Noffsinger and Steele it was clear we agreed on many of the questions.

Those in our area agreed that worship is the highlight of NYC, and that meeting new people is second. People talked about how important they found their church praise bands, and how important prayer is in their lives.

I also spent a few minutes with our guests from Nigeria, who spoke about how much they are enjoying NYC, and how welcome they feel.

The room was alive with laughter and a good spirit. Noffsinger reminded those in attendance, now that we have met, we are to greet each other through the week.

International participants include five youth and adults from Brazil, three from the Dominican Republic, four from India with three from First District Church of the Brethren India and one from Church of North India, four from Nigeria, and three from Spain.

-- Frank Ramirez is a member of the NYC News Team

Source: 7/30/2014 Newsline

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