Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Life Ministries concludes its ministry, passes baton to E3.

After more than 16 years of service to Anabaptist congregations, New Life Ministries (NLM) will officially conclude its ministry on Dec. 31. Official action to conclude New Life Ministries took place at the fall board meeting of NLM on Oct. 19.

Commenting on NLM’s long run of ministry, board chair Paul Mundey reflected: “What an honor to ‘come alongside’ the life and witness of so many Brethren Church, Church of the Brethren, and Mennonite Church congregations, as we worked together toward new expressions of faithful, inviting ministry, centered in Jesus.”

Over the years, New Life Ministries has been known for its unapologetic commitment to Anabaptist values, and a conviction that Anabaptist values needed to be shared with unchurched and churched alike. New Life Ministries has specialized in resources promoting hospitality, faith-sharing, and congregational growth and vitality.

Along with providing written resources, New Life Ministries also offered personalized consultation, workshops, and conferences featuring speakers such as Tony Campolo, Eddie Gibbs, Myron Augsburger, and Ron Sider. New Life Ministries also maintained a popular website, utilized not only by Anabaptist congregations but also by congregations from a variety of Christian denominations across the US.

In addition to taking formal action to conclude its ministry at its fall board meeting, New Life Ministries also affirmed the ministry of E3 Ministry Group, LLC, an exciting new organization focused on church renewal. As NLM concludes its work in the area of congregational vitality, the NLM board acted to “affirm the new call of E3 to resource congregations for vitality and growth. We give our blessing and unqualified support, praying that God will use E3 in mighty ways.”

For more information on E3, contact John Neff, E3 Ministry Group, LLC, 1146 La Casa Court, Moneta, VA 24121; 540-297-4754;

As New Life Ministries concludes its ministry, “passing the baton” to E3, it does so with a continuing conviction that Christ’s church needs to develop even greater expressions of faithfulness and outreach. Reflecting on this conviction, NLM ministries board chair Paul Mundey concluded: “The Church of Jesus Christ, and the particular values of the Anabaptist movement, are more relevant and needed than ever before. Thus externally focused, vital, faithful congregations are more needed than ever before.”

-- This article is from a New Life Ministries press release.

Source: 12/13/2012 Newsline

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