Thursday, June 14, 2012

Webcasts offer opportunity to worship with Conference, from a distance.

Webcasting from Annual Conference
Photo by Glenn Riegel
The webcasting of worship services and business sessions from Annual Conference is made possible by a group of dedicated people including Enten Eller (shown here, working at webcasting from the 2011 Conference in Grand Rapids, Mich.), David Sollenberger and a team of videographers, and Church of the Brethren communications staff who are responsible for the denominational website at
Join the gathered Brethren for Sunday worship in St. Louis--from your own sanctuary! For a second year, the Annual Conference officers are inviting congregations to join in Sunday morning worship with the church gathered in St. Louis, Mo., for Annual Conference. The invitation is for as many Brethren as possible--across the denomination and across the country--to worship together on July 8.

While each worship and business session of the Conference from July 7-11 will be webcast, and will be available to view either live or as a recording, congregations are particularly encouraged to stream the live webcast of the Sunday morning worship service.

The webcast on July 8 will be webcast live beginning at 9 a.m. central time (10 a.m. eastern). Congregations with a projector and Internet service should be able to participate. Because the webcast also is being posted as a DVR, congregations will be able to start the broadcast of the worship service at any time after the live webcast begins.

Moderator Tim Harvey will bring the message on July 8, with moderator-elect Bob Krouse as worship leader. The message is titled, "Continuing the Work of Jesus. Peacefully. Simply. Together."

Find a link to the webcasts at, the index page for online coverage of the 2012 Conference where a variety of news reports, photo albums, worship bulletins, sermon texts, and more will be made available throughout the event. Or go directly to For technical questions or assistance with webcasts contact Enten Eller at

Source:6/14/2012 Newsline

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