Wednesday, November 02, 2011

BBT goes "green" with e-mail publications, simplifies e-mail addresses.

Here's a simple way for members of the denomination to help conserve natural and financial resources: Sign up to receive three publications from Brethren Benefit Trust (BBT) via e-mail rather than postal mail. The agency's "Annual Report," its quarterly newsletter "Benefit News," and press releases/news briefs that are sent to BBT's members and clients can now be received electronically by completing a brief form at

"BBT is trying to be a good steward of its members' money," said Patrice Nightingale, BBT's director of communications. "Our members seem pleased about this new option--more than 200 people elected to receive these publications electronically in the first five days after an e-mail announcement was sent out to approximately 1,300 members."

If you regularly receive publications from BBT and have not yet signed up to receive these publications via e-mail, expect to receive a postcard in the near future. BBT hopes to offer electronic mailing of all of its paper publications. Most BBT publications are available online at

In other news, the agency's e-mail addresses are being simplified. E-mails from Brethren Benefit Trust staff will be sent using a different e-mail address structure starting the first week of November. While e-mails from BBT president Nevin Dulabaum used to come from, for example, they will now be sent from All other staff e-mail addresses will follow this structure (first initial last name

The shift occurred as some changes took place for the e-mail routing process that BBT shared with the Church of the Brethren. Until recently, the two organizations shared as their e-mail domain name. This change also eliminates the underscore from BBT's email addresses--a character that has been confusing to users and difficult to read in some formats--and reinforces the unique identity of the denomination's financial and benefits agency. E-mail to BBT staff should be sent to the new addresses effective immediately. Questions may be directed to or 800-746-1505.

-- Brian Solem is publications coordinator for Brethren Benefit Trust.

Source:11/2/2011 Newsline

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