Thursday, August 25, 2011

International Day of Prayer for Peace

On Earth Peace continues to invite congregations and community groups to recognize International Day of Prayer for Peace in their community by holding a public prayer event on or around September 21, focusing on community or global violence. A prayer service doesn't heal everything that's broken - but it is a great place to start reaching out, building relationship, and catalyzing your community. As of August 22, 81 congregations and community groups have registered with the campaign. This includes groups from 8 countries and 19 states. On Earth Peace organizers continue to seek a total of 200 groups to participate in this event. Registration is free and online at Resources to assist with planning your event, as well as contact information for further On Earth Peace support, can also be found at this website.

Mark Pickens writes about his hopes for IDPP 2011 in Mechanicsburg, Pa: "I believe strongly in the power and presence of peace in the world and the call for God's people all over the world to faithfully commit to one another and to all of creation, the spirit of prayer and practice to be an active participation in the bringing forth of the fulfilled Kingdom of God to Earth--one where Peace will dwell within us as well as among us. My vision for the community is to grow as a community of welcoming individuals to the local strangers who dwell in our midst and to faithfully open ourselves up to service: Serving Them, Our Neighbors; Serving God, Our Common Creator, and to be challenged to be humbly served ourselves by both. I would like to invite the local ecumenical ministerium and members from different local congregations, staff from Church World Service (CWS), individuals from the local Somali community, and finally, staff members and volunteers from a local social service ministry, New Hope Ministries."

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