Thursday, February 24, 2011

Detrick to retire from leadership of Southern Pennsylvania District.

Joe A. Detrick has announced his retirement as district executive minister of Southern Pennsylvania District, effective Sept. 30. He began in the position on Oct. 1, 1998.

He was ordained in 1977 at Oakland Mills Uniting Church (now Columbia, United Christian in Mid-Atlantic District), and holds degrees from Manchester College and Bethany Theological Seminary. His ministry experience has included pastorates at congregations in Shenandoah, South Central Indiana, and Southern Pennsylvania Districts. He also served two years in Brethren Volunteer Service in 1966-68, and then from 1984-88 was orientation coordinator for BVS.

In retirement Detrick will continue to live in Seven Valleys, Pa., where he plans to relax and cultivate relationships with family and friends, pursue much-neglected hobbies, and consider where God is leading for the next chapter of life.

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