Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ministers to focus on ‘Faith Forming Outside the Box.’

The Ministers’ Association pre-Conference event on July 2-3 in Pittsburgh, Pa., will focus on the theme, "Faith Forming Outside The Box." Nancy Ferguson, a Presbyterian minister and certified Christian educator, is the featured speaker.

Ferguson’s ministry experiences range from seminary instructor to curriculum developer to camp director to outdoor ministries consultant. She is the author of six books and a frequent workshop leader, and an advocate for experiential faith formation and experiences beyond the walls of the church.

Ferguson will lead the group in three sessions on the topics, "Getting Where You Want to Go" taking a look at the concept of faith formation and proposing some ways to think outside the box about ways to form faith within a congregation; "Stepping Outside the Walls of the Church," with stories of those who have taken such steps in the settings of retreats, camps, conferences, and mission trips in which lives have been changed and transformed; and "Rediscovering the Creator God" on the biblical witness and ways a focus on the Creator can renew spirituality in a congregation.

The event also includes worship, a family picnic at additional cost, and three sessions with continuing education credit. Students and first-time attendees receive a discount rate. More information is available in the Annual Conference Packet or the online flier at www.brethren.org/site/DocServer/2010_flyer_for_09_conf_PDF.pdf?docID=4781. Or contact Nancy Fitzgerald, chair of the Ministers’ Association, at pastor@arlingtoncob.org.

Source: 3/2/2010 Newsline Special

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