Thursday, October 22, 2009

Veritas new church plant is launched in Atlantic Northeast.

Veritas, a "church plant to reach a new generation" in the Lancaster, Pa., area, was launched in Atlantic Northeast District with a worship gathering on Sunday, Sept. 13. Veritas is led by church planters Ryan and Kim Braught, with a team of core leaders. Don Mitchell serves as district director of church development.

"This is a great day" said district executive Craig Smith to the group of 56 worshipers.

Veritas’ worship gathering is on Sundays at 10:45 a.m., using the facility of English Presbyterian Church in Marietta, Pa. Every six or eight weeks the worship gathering will include participation in a service event.

The name "Veritas" is Latin for "truth, real, authentic, or genuine." The Veritas new church plant is dedicated to being an authentic community, where people are committed to each other and can genuinely seek how God wants followers of Jesus to live in this modern life.

"Above all, we seek to pattern our daily living after the life of Jesus: a life of humble service and unconditional love," said a statement from Veritas. "As part of a larger body of believers--the church, the body of Christ--we go into the entire world today with a mission of witness, service, and reconciliation."

The vision includes people gathering in homes in the greater Lancaster area on a weekly basis to pray together, share together, be in relationship with each other, and value open and honest dialogue centered on the scriptures. The Braughts envision people developing deep friendships that draw them together throughout the entire week. "We see people hanging out with each other, and spending time together, and forming witness and service projects that bring blessing to the community," they said.

Veritas is guided by the following three core values: A Safe Spiritual Search: to be a community where people experience genuine love and care. A Missional Kingdom Life: to be a community where people are blessing others in practical ways. An Authentic Worship Expression: to be a community where people create relevant worship experiences. For more information see

-- Stan Dueck is director of Transforming Practices for the Church of the Brethren.

Source: 10/22/2009 Newsline

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