Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bethany Seminary offers January study trip to Kenya.

Bethany Theological Seminary is seeking additional participants for a travel seminar to Kenya, to take place on Jan. 2-20, 2010. The focus of the study trip will be Christian theology and ministry, particularly as informed by the missional context in Kenya and with the Masai tribe.

In student responses to previous offerings of this course, one student wrote: "Kenya was beautiful. It stole my heart. It also left me confused and preoccupied, as any romance will." The seminary is offering the course as a cross-cultural experience of the "two-thirds world" to stretch minds and give focus to Christian ministry.

Participants will spend time living with people of the Masai tribe and "will witness what happens when the Gospel takes root in one of Africa’s most traditional cultures," according to a description of the course. Also offered will be opportunities to converse and study with professors and students at an African seminary, and opportunities to do ministry with small children in orphanages, with older women and men who are suffering from illness, and with Kenyan pastors who will partner in prayer and worship. The trip will include an overnight stay at a game park and time in the capital city, Nairobi.

Information about the travel seminar is available at Contact instructor Russell Haitch at or 800-287-8822 ext. 1827. The deadline for applications is Oct. 16.

Source: 10/9/2009 Newsline Extra

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