Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Matching grant program for domestic hunger raises $117,000.

Two Church of the Brethren funds are requesting second allocations for the "Domestic Hunger Matching Grant" program following a report that the original grant amount of $50,000 has been completely disbursed--and applications from congregations are still coming in.

The money allocated for matching grants has been fully expended to the first 121 congregations that applied. These congregations themselves have contributed $67,000 to local food programs across the country. With the matching grants it means the denomination and the 121 churches have raised $117,000 for food assistance in local communities during the first five weeks of this year.

The "Domestic Hunger Matching Grant" program encourages Church of the Brethren congregations to make a special effort this winter to support the needs of food pantries and soup kitchens through matching grants of up to $500 for a gift to one local hunger program. It is sponsored jointly by the Global Food Crisis Fund and the Emergency Disaster Fund, in partnership with the denomination’s Stewardship department.

Staff originally projected a goal of involving 100 congregations. As of today, 121 congregations have taken part, and 22 more are on a waiting list for matching grants.

Additional allocations of $25,000 from the Global Food Crisis Fund and $12,500 from the Emergency Disaster Fund are being requested to continue the program as long as funds are available. If the new allocations are approved by the denomination’s Mission and Ministry Board, the two funds will give a total of $87,500 for matching grants with congregations.

To qualify, a congregation must raise new funds for the food crisis, fill out and return an application form, and enclose a copy of the check it writes to the food bank or soup kitchen. Matching checks will be issued in the charity’s name and mailed to the requesting congregation for forwarding to the local organization.

Go to for the application form. For more information contact Justin Barrett in the Global Mission Partnerships office at 800-323-8039 ext. 230.

Source: 02/11/2009 Newsline

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