Wednesday, January 14, 2009

McPherson County congregations support Growing Project.

Three Church of the Brethren congregations along with a Presbyterian Church have sponsored a Foods Resource Bank Project in McPherson (Kan.) County for the past two years.

The Foods Resource Bank (FRB) was developed as a Christian response to world hunger. The organization promotes food-growing projects in the US, with the produce sold and the money used to provide seed, fertilizer, tools, water, and instruction in food production systems in developing countries that do not have adequate food supplies. The Church of the Brethren participates through the Global Food Crisis Fund, and is one of 16 mainline Christian denominations that are involved.

The Presbyterian Church of Hutchinson, and the Church of the Brethren congregations in Hutchinson, at Monitor, and in McPherson have sponsored a Growing Project for the past two years. In 2007, Jay and Amy Warner along with Mary Ellen Howell near Monitor sponsored a wheat project, and in 2008, Ellis and Rita Yoder of the Monitor church provided a field for a grain sorghum project. The Yoders will continue the project in 2009 and 2010 with fields of soybeans and wheat.

In 2007, $4,305.66 (matched by US AID for a total of $8,611.32) was provided for programs in Guatemala. In 2008, $9,773.59 (which may be matched by US AID) was made available for use in Chota, Peru. The 2009 project will support food productions systems in Malawi-Nkhoma.

The four churches involved provide financial support for local production expenses. The produce is sold, and the money used in overseas programs. Grants for production expenses have been obtained over the past two years from Monsanto, the Global Food Crisis Fund, and Stine Seed Company.

--John Ward is co-chair of the local Foods Resource Bank Board in McPherson County, Kan.

Source: 1/14/2009 Newsline

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