Friday, November 21, 2008

Resource bits and pieces.
  • Brethren Press has unveiled a "new" online store at, with a new look and improved functionality. Recommendations for new titles are always welcomed and can be directed to Jeff Lennard or Kirk Carpenter at 800-323-8039. "Remember, when you shop at Brethren Press, your purchases help fund the publishing ministry of the Church of the Brethren," said an announcement from Brethren Press.

  • The 300th Anniversary year for the Brethren is winding down but there's a way for Brethren to preserve some of the excitement, writes Frank Ramirez in an announcement of the publication of the musical drama "A Simple Feast." The drama is authored by Steve Engle and Frank Ramirez, and commissioned by Southern Pennsylvania District. It is available through Brethren Press, Final Focus Productions, or directly from the authors in a professionally taped and edited DVD. "A Simple Feast" is the story of a Brethren congregation struggling to put on a musical about the Tercentennial while confronted with the consequences of a messy board meeting that falls apart in anger. A study guide is included. Sheet music and CD accompaniment will soon be available. The DVD menu is divided into chapter scenes as well as acts, making it flexible for viewing by Sunday school and study groups. The complete production runs 1 hour and 48 minutes. Engle is the composer of "I See a New World Coming," (recently made available in choral form), "The St. Judas Passion," "Rumors of Angels," and "A Christmas Patchwork." Frank Ramirez is the author of "The Love Feast," "The Meanest Man in Patrick County," "Brethren Brush with Greatness," and the "Out of Context" feature in A Guide for Biblical Studies. For more information about "A Simple Feast" go to or contact the authors at or

  • A copy of "Whose Birthday Is It Anyway? Ideas for a Christ-Centered Holiday 2008" has been sent to each Church of the Brethren congregation through the denomination's Source packet mailing. This annual booklet from Alternatives for Simple Living offers reflections on Advent and Christmas, ideas for preparing for Christmas, family activities, and resources for the holidays--all encouraging people of faith to examine and challenge the commercialization of Christmas. The Church of the Brethren's Emergency Disaster Fund is one of two pages of listings of faith-based and nonprofit organizations for charitable giving during the holidays. Go to for more information.
Source: 11/21/2008 Newsline Extra

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