Friday, November 21, 2008

Brethren Press offers two new Bible studies for the winter.

A new Covenant Bible Study titled "The Five Festal Scrolls," and the winter quarter's Guide for Biblical Studies on the topic of "Human Commitment" are now available from Brethren Press.

"The Five Festal Scrolls" studies the Old Testament books of the Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther, written by Robert W. Neff and Ramirez. The book is designed as a relational resource for small group Bible study. Each of 10 chapters includes suggestions for personal preparations, sharing, and prayer as well an essay to increase understanding of the text, and discussion questions and suggestions for action.

The Guide for Biblical Studies is the Brethren Press adult Sunday school curriculum. This winter quarter by Gene Bucher focuses on the topic of human commitment with weekly study sessions for December on the Christmas story, and weekly studies for January and February on Old Testament people of commitment. Each session offers suggested daily scriptures for personal preparation, an essay on the text for the week, discussion question, and an "Out of Context" feature by Frank Ramirez.

Order "The Five Festal Scrolls" from Brethren Press for $7.95 plus shipping and handling. Order the winter quarter Guide for Biblical Studies from Brethren Press for $3.50, or $5.95 for large print, plus shipping and handling. Call 800-441-3712.

Source: 11/21/2008 Newsline Extra

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