Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Atlantic Southeast District holds a second Family Peace Camp.

For the second consecutive year, the Action For Peace Team and Camp Ithiel of Atlantic Southeast District sponsored a Family Peace Camp over Labor Day weekend. The event was held at Camp Ithiel near Orlando, Fla. Jim and Kathy McGinnis, directors of the Institute for Peace and Justice in St. Louis, led the multi-age campers in learning about "Family Peacemaking."

The activities led by Jim and Kathy McGinnis emphasized several features of their Family Pledge of Nonviolence, namely respect and peaceful problem-solving, listening and forgiving, being stewards of God’s creation, playing creatively, acting courageously, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s challenge. Together they led interactive presentations that focused on techniques, concepts, and attitudes that are essential for peacemaking in the family and community.

The McGinnises founded the Institute for Peace and Justice in 1970, as an interfaith center promoting peace and justice through education, social action, and prayer. They are nationally known peace education consultants, authors, workshop presenters, family life resource leaders, and peace educators. They have received the 1995 Pax Christi USA "Teachers of Peace" award, and also are founders and international co-coordinators of the Parenting for Peace and Justice Network.

The 20 adults, 8 teenagers, and 4 young children who participated in the camp--representing ages 5 to 77--enjoyed and learned much from the McGinnises’ hands-on experiences. The camp featured music, self-expressive activities, artwork, storytelling, group discussions, drama, and more. Other camping features knit the multi-age group into one large family--such as picture puzzles, games, a talent night, morning watch, contra dancing, campfire, swimming, Sunday worship, a nature walk, and a sing-a-long of hymns, camp songs, and folk tunes.

--Phil Lersch is chair of Atlantic Southeast District's Action for Peace Team.

Source: 10/29/2008 Newsline Extra

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