Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Windsor Conference Center experiences new life.

The New Windsor Conference Center is experiencing new life since the decision of the General Board to develop and implement new programming in support of the Brethren Service Center mission. The conference center is located on the campus of the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md.

The New Windsor Conference Center offers a variety of services to groups and individuals, including lodging, dining services, meeting rooms, event planning, and communication services. In recent months, it has been full enough on a regular basis to issue a new requirement that reservations be made at least two weeks in advance. This represents a significant influx of new business and increased advance bookings, with some advance bookings already made through the year 2013.

A recent staff report said that the conference center is "consistently rated ‘Excellent’ by lodgers and visitors. Prayers have been answered as the New Windsor Conference Center is called to offer the gift of hospitality to greatly increased numbers in 2008 and beyond."

"When new groups visit the campus, many will schedule another meeting before departure," said Cori Hahn, conference coordinator. "On the weekend of April 18, we had seven separate groups on campus, with every lodging room booked--and this is not unusual."

The conference center also is negotiating with the Arc of Carroll County, Md., to work together on internships to train developmentally disabled adults in work at the center. The trainees may engage in tasks such as housekeeping and food preparation, in a program that may begin this fall.

The staff report noted that the conference center is readying itself for even more significant growth in the coming year, through improvements in facilities and resources and outreach through partners and others in the region.

To find more information about the New Windsor Conference Center go to or contact or 410-635-8700.

Source: 6/18/2008 Newsline

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