Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rhoades to join On Earth Peace as peace education coordinator.

Marie Rhoades will join the staff of On Earth Peace as peace education coordinator, as of February. The peace education program is dedicated to developing leadership for peace in each new generation.

Rhoades has previous ministry experience with youth in congregational, district, and camp settings. At On Earth Peace, she will continue peace education by providing educational materials, interactive workshops, peace retreats, and other opportunities for youth and adults to grow in peacemaking leadership. The peace education program teaches youth to embrace creative Christian peacemaking, and reminds adults to follow Jesus’ way of thoughtful, creative, and prayerful nonviolence.

Rhoades has studied philosophy and religion at McPherson (Kan.) College and holds a master of divinity degree from Lancaster Theological Seminary. She is a member of Lancaster (Pa.) Church of the Brethren and has recently joined the Place Apart community, a Brethren related intentional community in Putney, Vt. She plans to carry out her ministry with On Earth Peace from Vermont. Congregations seeking new ways to teach peace are encouraged to contact her at or 717-917-9392.

Source: 1/30/2008 Newsline

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