Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tom Benevento ends his work with Global Mission Partnerships.

Tom Benevento is ending his work as Latin America/Caribbean specialist for the Global Mission Partnerships of the Church of the Brethren General Board, as of the end of this year. He had begun carrying a part of the regional leadership for the work in 1999, following longterm service in Guatemala.

As the position developed, Benevento guided the placement of Brethren Volunter Service and Global Mission Partnership workers serving in Latin America and the Caribbean, explored new opportunities for response to the needs of communities there, and nurtured relationships with indigenous organizations with whom General Board ministries interact. During his service with the board, he also wrote a book on gardening published by Brethren Press, titled "Gardening for the Earth and Soul," and wrote a number of articles on sustainable agriculture and God's call to mission.

Benevento is beginning a new role with the New Community Project focused on global climate change and poverty, and plans to lead workshops in congregations and to help congregations and households reduce their "carbon footprints" while saving money on energy costs. He also hopes to establish a model sustainable living center in Harrisonburg, Va.

Source: 11/08/2007 Newsline Extra

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