Wednesday, August 29, 2007

‘Brethren Heritage Collection’ DVD set offers 75 years of history.

Congregations may want to mark the 300th Anniversary of the Church of the Brethren with viewings of the 20 titles in the new "Brethren Heritage Collection," a four-DVD boxed set of Brethren-produced films and videos selected from the past 75 years. This collection brings together a dozen and a half of the more significant films and videos from the church's archives, including some never before released to the general public.

The Brethren Service era is well represented in this set by documentaries on the lives of Dan West and M.R. Zigler, as well as the 2006 documentary on the work of the Brethren Service Commission in Europe. A film about a German exchange student's experience at Bridgewater (Va.) College is also included, a film that previously had been available only in silent form. In addition, a 1947-era film detailing the Chinese tractor unit was re-edited to include narration for the first time. Mission work in Africa also is well represented, and a bonus track offers viewers an eyewitness perspective of a plane crash in Sudan in 2000 during the delivery of Bibles to Nuer Christians by the Brethren.

Other featured titles document a tour of Brethren sites in Europe by Don and Hedda Durnbaugh in 1995, and 50 years of ministry in Puerto Rico, as well as the first 50 years of the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md. More recent titles include an overview of the Brethren peace position, and the Global Food Crisis Fund work in Guatemala.

Brethren video producer David Sollenberger compiled the collection, and wrote the study guide that accompanies it. "What makes this commemorative set unique is a background article for each title and a set of questions that can provide the basis for a post-viewing discussion in a group setting," Sollenberger said. He hopes that many of these videos will be viewed in group settings, so that their content may provoke lively discussion about how Brethren do mission and ministry, and how the church bears witness to the world.

Order the "Brethren Heritage Collection" four-DVD boxed set from Brethren Press for $39.95 plus shipping and handling. Call 800-441-3712.

Source: 08/29/2007 Newsline

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