Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On Earth Peace meets with Cross-Cultural Consultation.

The Board of Directors of On Earth Peace met April 20-22, at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md. The meeting was scheduled in conjunction with the Cross-Cultural Consultation, so that both groups could benefit from joint sessions and informal interaction.

The On Earth Peace board and staff took part in worship, Bible study, discussions, and lively conversations with other participants in the celebration. A number of new relationships were formed that promise cooperative efforts in the future. Already, plans are being formed for peace education and organizing to support the work of peacemakers in the Cross-Cultural Ministries community.

In other agenda items, the board held a session on its development role, led by Theresa Eshbach; received reports from liaison relationships with Christian Peacemaker Teams and the UN NGO Subcommittee on the Elimination of Racism; received a midyear financial report; heard an update on changes in staff responsibilities, with co-director Barbara Sayler moving to the half-time role of communications coordinator, and co-director Bob Gross continuing as executive director in a solo role. Program activity reports from all six staff members reflected an energetic and comprehensive program of education, networking, support, resources, and leadership for peace and reconciliation ministries.

Annual Conference-related business included a report on Conference plans for 2007-08 from Lerry Fogle, executive director; a compilation and analysis of the survey taken at the 2005 Conference to measure beliefs regarding the peace and reconciliation roles of the church; introduction of bylaw updates to be put before On Earth Peace members at this year’s Conference; and consideration of the Review and Evaluation report coming to the Conference.

Recognizing the pain of violence near at hand as well as around the world, board and staff gathered in prayer for the families of victims of the shootings at Virginia Tech and approved a message of remembrance and consolation to be posted on the On Earth Peace website.

The fall meeting of the On Earth Peace board is scheduled for Sept. 20-22, in New Windsor.

--Bob Gross is executive director of On Earth Peace.

Source: 06/06/2007 Newsline

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