Thursday, June 30, 2011

Joan Daggett resigns from Shenandoah District leadership.

Joan Lawrence Daggett has announced her resignation as acting district executive of Shenandoah District effective Sept. 15. She has accepted a call to serve as executive director of the Valley Brethren Mennonite Heritage Center (CrossRoads) in Harrisonburg, Va.

She has worked for Shenandoah District for 13 years, having begun as associate district executive on July 15, 1998. She was named acting district executive June 1 this year. Previously she served as a pastor. In previous employment she also was director of Christian Education at a Presbyterian Church from 1994-1997. She has been serving on the CrossRoads Marketing Team for the last four years. She is a graduate of Bridgewater (Va.) College and Bethany Theological Seminary.

Daggett begins her duties with CrossRoads on Sept. 19.

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