Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Annual Conference ballot for 2011 is released.

The ballot has been announced for the 2011 Annual Conference of the Church of the Brethren, to take place in Grand Rapids, Mich., on July 2-6. The Nominating Committee of the Standing Committee of district delegates developed a slate of candidates, and Standing Committee then voted to create the ballot that will be presented. Nominees are listed by position:

Annual Conference Moderator-Elect: Mary Cline Detrick of Harrisonburg, Va.; Carol Spicher Waggy of Goshen, Ind.

Annual Conference Program and Arrangements Committee: Thomas Dowdy of Long Beach, Calif.; Cindy Laprade Lattimer of Dansville, N.Y.

Pastoral Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee: Herb High of Lancaster, Pa.; John R. Lahman of Peoria, Ariz.

Committee on Interchurch Relations: Torin Eikler of Morgantown, W.Va.; Wendy Matheny of Arlington, Va.

Mission and Ministry Board: Area 3 -- Karen Cassell of Roanoke, Va.; Becky Rhodes of Roanoke, Va. Area 4 -- Genelle Wine Bunte of Minneapolis, Minn.; Jerry Crouse of Warrensburg, Mo. Area 5 -- W. Keith Goering of Wilson, Idaho; Dylan Haro of Richmond, Ind.

Bethany Theological Seminary Trustee: Representing the laity -- D. Miller Davis of Westminster, Md.; Rex Miller of Milford, Ind. Representing the colleges -- Christina Bucher of Elizabethtown, Pa.; Jonathan Frye of McPherson, Kan.

Brethren Benefit Trust Board: Robert Jacobs of Spring Grove, Pa.; John Waggoner of Herndon, Va.

On Earth Peace Board: Melisa Grandison of McPherson, Kan.; Patricia Ronk of Roanoke, Va.

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