Thursday, December 30, 2010

God’s timing: On disaster rebuilding in Indiana.

This reflection on God’s timing was written earlier this Fall by Brethren Disaster Ministries associate director Zach Wolgemuth after he visited a rebuilding project in Indiana, in an area affected by flooding:

"I have found the timing of my trip to Winamac to be beneficial. Certainly I did not plan things this way, but God seems to have a way of laying everything out.

"One house has been behind schedule because the old home was not torn down when it was supposed to be and the new foundation was just completed. The homeowner was on the schedule to be one of the first to be completed, but ended up at the bottom of the list because he told them that others needed the help more than he did.

"No one really checked into his situation and took his word for it. This is a man who has taken almost everything that life has thrown at him in stride, and with an attitude that I wish I had on some good days. His house was completely uninhabitable and he and his wife/partner of 20 years have been living in a very old trailer. He has been out of work and spends much time caring for a disabled son.

"To top all this off, the man’s wife/partner found out in May that she has breast cancer and is now undergoing treatments. Which means that he is left caring for everyone.

"You can tell that he cares deeply for his family. He told me that this construction on their new house will bring her joy--to be able to look out the window and see the work happening.

"Why God’s timing? Every now and then I need a wake-up call. Hearing this man tell his story, and knowing that we in Brethren Disaster Ministries are doing some good in the world and making a difference is helpful.

"Not only that, I am completely humbled. Yes, he is rough around the edges. But I am convinced I would be jagged around the edges if I were to walk in his shoes. None of us really know how blessed we truly are!"

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