Thursday, November 04, 2010

Camp Mack board names new building, construction begins.

At its Oct. 30 meeting, the Indiana Camp Board chose names for the building that will house the office and dining services formerly located in Becker Lodge at Camp Mack in Milford, Ind. The lodge was destroyed in a July 11 fire.

All facilities at Camp Mack are named for Brethren leaders, with the camp itself named for Alexander Mack Sr., the founder of the Church of the Brethren.

The first new building will be called the John Kline Welcome Center. John Kline, a minister and doctor from Broadway, Va., during the Civil War era traveled across the Mason-Dixon line treating the injured or sick on both sides of the conflict. Soldiers allowed him to move freely as he traveled north on his horse, Nell, to preside over the church’s Annual Meeting. In 1864 Kline was killed in an ambush, while returning home after getting new shoes put on his horse.

The kitchen and dining rooms will be named the Kate Warstler Dining Center in honor and memory of Kate Warstler, a longterm and beloved Camp Mack cook. She was the first fulltime cook at Camp Mack, beginning in 1977 at a time when food service was incorporated into one new facility built in the lower level of Becker Lodge.

The new offices will be called the Manly Deeter Office Complex in memory of Manly Deeter, a member of the locating committee that chose the land for Camp Mack and also a member of the Incorporating Committee. Deeter Cabin, a log cabin built in 1925 and demolished in 1985, was the first office building and camp gift shop at Camp Mack.

On Nov. 1, construction began on this large multipurpose structure. Earth was moved preparing for the foundations that are expected to be completed as soon as possible. The goal is to have this building operational by June 1, ready to serve the coming summer’s campers. The general contractor for the job is D.J. Construction from Goshen, Ind.

As soon as blueprints are finalized for the John Kline Welcome Center, work will begin on blueprints for Becker Retreat Center, a building to replace the lodging and meeting rooms lost in the fire.

The Camp Board recognized that funds from the insurance will not cover all the construction costs of buildings that together will provide the services once housed in Becker Lodge. Much financial support will be needed to help pay for buildings that will serve the current generation and hopefully campers and retreat participants for years to come. Therefore the board has established a building fund and invites donors to give to it in any amount. The fund is receiving gifts at Camp Mack, P.O. Box 158, Milford, IN 46542 or online at

-- Phyllis Leininger is office manager for Camp Mack.

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