Thursday, October 07, 2010

Heishmans announce decision to leave Dominican Republic mission.

Irvin and Nancy Sollenberger Heishman have announced a decision not to seek renewal of their service agreement as co-coordinators of the Church of the Brethren mission in the Dominican Republic. The couple will end their service as mission coordinators in early December, after serving in the DR for seven and a half years. Nancy Heishman also finish her service as director of the Theological Program in the DR, a position she assumed in the fall of 2008.

During their years in the DR, the Heishmans have provided coordination for the mission, working with leadership of Iglesia de los Hermanos (Dominican Church of the Brethren) and providing guidance and support to the DR church and to others involved in the mission including Brethren Volunteer Service workers. Key ministries of the mission during their term included theological education, a BVS/BRF volunteer house, a micro-loan program, and guidance and accompaniment to the DR church during a difficult time of conflict in previous years.

In addition, Irvin Heishman currently is coordinating logistics for the Historic Peace Churches meeting that will gather Brethren, Friends, and Mennonites from the Americas in the DR later this year. The event is to take place Nov. 28-Dec. 2. in Santo Domingo, capital city of the DR.

The couple will leave the DR in December, but stay on contract with the Church of the Brethren until June 2011. They will be doing mission interpretation in the American church community and take time for personal restoration after a stressful term of mission service.

Global Mission Partnership executive director Jay Wittmeyer said the partnership of the Church of the Brethren with Iglesia de los Hermanos will be re-evaluated, particularly in terms of roles and responsibilities, before new staff will be seconded to the DR.

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