Thursday, September 23, 2010

Florida campers learn what it means to be a hero like Jesus.

Camp Ithiel in Gotha, Fla., is one of the Church of the Brethren camps that used the Outdoor Ministry Resource curriculum "Be a Hero: Living Like Jesus" for camping programs this past summer. The curriculum is from New Earth, offered through eight different denominations including the Church of the Brethren’s publishing house, Brethren Press. An issue of "Camp Ithiel News" reported some of the things children in different age groups learned from the curriculum. Here are some excerpts:

What did you learn about being a hero?
  • "You need more than super powers to be a hero. You need faith." (Junior Camp)
  • "It starts by doing the smallest things." (Junior Camp)
  • "Sacrificing." (Junior Camp)
  • "You can save people’s lives by telling them about Jesus." (Junior Camp)
  • "I learned that sometimes you have to take risks." (Jr. High Camp)
  • "That you don’t have to have a superpower to be a hero." (Jr. High Camp)
  • "I learned that being a hero is that you get your power from God." (Jr. High Camp)
  • "There are lots of them in the Bible and they’re just ordinary people." (Youth Camp)
  • "We are all called to step up." (Youth Camp)
  • "How God’s love stays the same no matter what you do." (Youth Camp)
What did you learn about yourself?
  • "I am loved." (Junior Camp)
  • "I like fishing." (Junior Camp)
  • "We may be all different, but we’re a family." (Junior Camp)
  • "I am stronger than I thought I was." (Jr. High Camp)
  • "I can let my burdens go." (Jr. High Camp)
  • "I need to go to church more to get closer to God." (Jr. High Camp)
  • "I love to pray." (Youth Camp)
  • "That I need to open up more." (Youth Camp)
  • "I’m changing into a more respectful and responsible person." (Youth Camp)
What did you learn about God?
  • "God told people to write the Bible." (Junior Camp)
  • "God never gives up on us so we shouldn’t give up on Him." (Junior Camp)
  • "He gave his Son." (Junior Camp)
  • "God is the Almighty." (Jr. High Camp)
  • "He is always with me." (Jr. High Camp)
  • "He does many things for us that some people don’t even know about." (Jr. High Camp)
  • "That He is the hero for the whole world." (Youth Camp)
  • "He gets angry, too." (Youth Camp)
  • "He even hears your silent prayers." (Youth Camp)
  • "He created/inspired Proverbs to help youth learn." (Youth staff)
  • "God saves." (Youth Camp)
Source: 9/23/2010 Newsline

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