Thursday, June 17, 2010

National Youth Conference to gather close to 3,000 Brethren.

National Youth Conference (NYC) is about a month away, and more than 2,800 people are registered to attend. Online registration ended on June 15 for the conference that takes place in Fort Collins, Colo., on July 17-22.

Youth, advisors, parents, and congregations have been spending years preparing for NYC by raising money, having informational meetings, coordinating travel, and much more.

Coming up on June 20, the denomination is having an NYC Prayer Day. Just under a month from the beginning of NYC, congregations will spend time in prayer for their youth and what they will experience at NYC. The congregations who have spent so much time physically preparing for NYC, will take this time to spiritually prepare the youth for their mountain top experience, both literally and figuratively.

National Youth Conference is such a unique experience for youth. Youth will come together, in community, with people who are very different, yet very similar. The NYC participants are a diverse community. In a time when it feels like differences are being accented, we encourage participants to be in conversation with people who are different from themselves. The diversity that the body of Christ offers is important. As the scripture reminds us, not everyone can be a hand. Some people need to be a foot, or an arm, or a nose.

Everyone is invited to take advantage of the unique opportunity that is NYC, and we invite everyone to see the God in others! It is no accident that the NYC theme this summer is "More than Meets the Eye."

-- Audrey Hollenberg is one of the two NYC coordinators, along with Emily LaPrade.

Source: 6/17/2010 Newsline

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