Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Special Response Resource Committee concludes its work.

The Special Response Resource Committee has completed its work and has provided a bibliography of suggested study resources and a study guide for congregations to explore issues of human sexuality. The resources are posted online at

The special response group was named by the Church of the Brethren's Standing Committee of district delegates following an action by the 2009 Annual Conference to accept two items of business as "special response" items to be dealt with using a process for strongly controversial issues. The group was charged with developing resources in order to aid the church in a conversation process set in motion by the Conference decision.

Last year's Conference action identifying the two business items--"A Statement of Confession and Commitment" and "Query: Language on Same-Sex Covenantal Relationships"--as "special response" items has set in motion at least two years of intentional denomination-wide conversation on the two documents.

The members of the Special Response Resource Committee are John Wenger, chair; Karen Garrett, recorder; Jim Myer; Marie Rhoades; and Carol Wise.Jeff Carter has served as the liaison from Standing Committee.

Next steps in the special response process include two hearings at the 2010 Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., one on Saturday evening, July 3, and another on Tuesday evening, July 6. After this year's Conference, districts are encouraged to schedule special hearings or discussions, and congregations are encouraged to use the study guide and resources recommended by the Special Response Resource Committee.

Also posted at are a number of other documents relating to the 2010 Conference, including the unfinished business and new business items, the biographical ballot, and the daily Conference schedule.

In other news from the Annual Conference Office, June 7 is the closing date for advance registration. Those who register in advance through the online process save 25 percent of the on-site fee. Hotel rooms also are still available."The Hilton Hotel is the only one of the six hotels booked by Annual Conference that still has rooms available, but there are 80 rooms still available there," notes Conference director Chris Douglas. "Please remember that by booking into the hotel room block reserved by the Annual Conference Office, the rental cost of the Convention Center meeting rooms is reduced."

To register and for more information about the 2010 Annual Conference go to

Source: 4/7/2010 Newsline

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