Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Virlina District Conference celebrates the Name of Jesus.

The 39th Virlina District Conference was held in Roanoke, Va., on Nov. 13-14. "At the Name of Jesus Every Knee Should Bend!" (Philippians 2:5-11) was the theme. Total registration was 529 people. This included 253 delegates and 276 non-delegates from 78 congregations. Patrick C. Starkey, pastor of Roanoke Ninth Street Church of the Brethren, served as moderator.

Speakers for worship services were Daniel D'Oleo, Donald Gearheart, Hannah Oakes, Dava C. Hensley, and Stafford C. Frederick. An all-conference choir was led by Laura Heptinstall.

Ninety-nine people attended a Ministers and Spouses Banquet held on Friday evening at Peters Creek Church of the Brethren. David K. Shumate, district executive, was the featured speaker.

Business included the granting of a request from Danville (Va.) First Church of the Brethren to change its name to Schoolfield Church of the Brethren, and the approval of a District Board Budget of $289,389.97 for 2010. Delegates also heard that the Camp Bethel budget for 2010 will be $612,210.

Nineteen individuals were called to positions of leadership. Roy A. McVey was called as moderator-elect. Cathy S. Huffman was named the district delegate to the Standing Committee of Annual Conference. Anna W. Hale and Linda B. Vaught were called to the District Conference Program and Arrangements Committee. Patricia A. Edwards, Harriet F. Rader, and Michael J. Huffaker were named to the Nominating and Personnel Committee. Stephanie L. Naff and Julie A. Sink were called to the Outdoor Ministries Committee.

Called to the District Board were Myrna M. Ferguson, R. Keith Beckner, Roy U. Turpin, Mary Ann Mellen, Lula Belle Wood, Michelle Wirt Eaton, Royce L. Saunders, Paul F. Stutzman, and Michael W. Wray. Lynn N. Myers will serve as chair of the District Board for 2009-10.

The conference consecrated Daniel D'Oleo as pastor/developer of the Roanoke, Renacer Project, beginning Jan. 1. Jimmy Robinson and James C. McKinnell were honored for 50 years of ministerial service. The graduation of John G. Edwards from the Training in Ministry (TRIM) process was celebrated.

The conference received offerings of $4,424.25, including $1,647.00 for National Youth Conference, $2,017.25 for the expenses of the District Conference, and $760 for Hispanic Ministries.

The 40th Virlina District Conference will be held Nov. 12-13, 2010. Sharon S. Wood will serve as the 2010 District Conference Moderator.

-- David Shumate is district executive minister of Virlina District.

Source: 12/30/2009 Newsline Extra

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