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Brethren bits: Corrections, Advent prayer, jobs, and more.
  • Correction: Nadine Monn’s name was omitted from the Intercultural Advisory Committee in the Newsline report from the Mission and Ministry Board meeting.

  • A correction has been made to the Prayer of Dedication for the Advent Offering scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 6. ( ). Following is the corrected prayer, in English and Spanish:

    Prayer of dedication: O God, Giver of Life and Light, Creator of all that is and will be, One with Jesus the Christ, and Author of Hope: Our words of gratefulness are inadequate to say thank you for coming into our midst through the Holy Child.Thank you for sending us Jesus, who came to teach, to heal, to set us free from all that captures us, and to love us and all of your children unconditionally. Accept these gifts and speed them on their way to make possible ministries that continue the work and example of Jesus. We pray this for Jesus’ sake and the sake of the world. Amen.

    Oración dedicatoria: O, Dios, Dador de Vida y Luz, Creador de todo lo que existe y existirá, en unión con Jesús el Cristo y Autor de la Esperanza, nuestras palabras de agradecimiento son insuficientes ara darte gracias por hacerte presente entre nosotros a través del Santo Niño. Te damos gracias por enviarnos a Jesús, quien vino para enseñarnos, sanarnos y librarnos de todo aquello que nos hace esclavos, y para amarnos incondicionalmente a todos y cada uno de nosotros, tus hijos. Acepta estas ofrendas y apresúralas para hacer realidad ministerios que prosigan con la labor y el ejemplo de Jesús. Te lo pedimos por Jesús y por el bien del mundo. Amén.por el bien del mundo. Amén.

  • Cheryl Stafford began an interim assignment as a staff volunteer with Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) on Nov. 2. She is a member of Oakland Church of the Brethren in Gettysburg, Ohio, and is a first-time BVS volunteer in her retirement years. Since 1997 she was on the staff of Indiana University East in Richmond, Ind., where she held many positions including most recently Interim Dean of Students. She plans to go to Northern Ireland to work at Kilcranny House, a peace and reconcilation center and farm.

  • The New Windsor (Md.) Conference Center is thanking volunteer hosts Mike and Barbara Hodson who returned home to Troy, Ohio, on Oct. 31. They served as hosts for Windsor Hall in October. Eileen Campbell of Ambler, Pa., has begun as hostess of the Old Main building.

  • COBYS Family Services in Lancaster, Pa., has an opening for the position of executive director, with an application deadline of Dec. 3. Among qualifications in the position announcement are: a strong Christian faith with an appreciation of Church of the Brethren heritage and practices; a master’s degree (preferred); thorough knowledge of business and fiscal management and senior level experience; awareness of current trends in the social services field; effective oral and written communication skills; executive, leadership, and supervisory skills; ability to network with other social service agencies and faith-based ministries; and an integrated faith commitment, both personally and professionally. Serving on the Search Committee are COBYS Board members Deb Krantz, chair, a certified school nurse in the Hempfield School District and a member of Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren in Quarryville, Pa.; Pamela Bedell, a teacher assistant and member of Indian Creek Church of the Brethren in Harleysville, Pa.; Cindy Bradley, a pre-school director and member of Lebanon (Pa.) Church of the Brethren; Nancy Fittery, pastor of Swatara Hill Church of the Brethren in Middletown, Pa., and a certified spiritual director; and Arthur Kreider, a superintendent with builder Paul Risk Associates and a member of Lampeter (Pa.) Church of the Brethren. Also on the committee are Jim Beckwith, pastor of Annville (Pa.) Church of the Brethren and a former Annual Conference moderator; and Paul W. Brubaker, retired executive vice president of the ENB Financial Corp. and an ordained minister at Middle Creek Church of the Brethren in Lititz, Pa. COBYS Board president Whit Buckwalter, a corporate relationship manager with Fulton Bank, is an ex-officio member of the committee. COBYS Family Services is a Christian family service agency affiliated with the Atlantic Northeast District of the Church of the Brethren. Motivated by Christian faith, COBYS educates, supports, and empowers children and adults to reach their full potential. COBYS carries out this mission through adoption and foster care services, counseling, family life education, and a home for teen mothers. Based in Lancaster County, COBYS serves children and families in south central Pennsylvania. The complete position announcement is available at For more information, contact Search Committee chair Deb Krantz at

  • Camp Alexander Mack in Milford, Ind., is immediately seeking a Food Service manager-cook, to fill a year-round management position. Applications are due by Dec. 1. The position is to be filled by Dec. 28. The primary responsibilities are to prepare good quality food for groups according to schedules and menus with personnel who assist being properly instructed and supervised; maintain a clean, well organized kitchen and food storage room including food ordering, stock rotation, inventories, and record keeping; supervise the serving of food in an attractive and appealing manner and clean-up including proper storage of food and sanitation; provide for scheduling, supervision, instruction, and training of Food Service personnel; work with user groups to provide menus that meet the dietary needs of participants; serve on the Management Team; participate in professional growth events yearly. Compensation includes a competitive salary, health insurance, life and LTD insurance, conference and continuing education allowance, travel expenses, some meals, onsite residence available, two-week paid vacation, personal days off. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree or comparable education or experience; a minimum of three years of food preparation in a camp setting, other food preparation field, or comparable experience; participation in a Christian church or fellowship; age 21 or older. To apply send a cover letter of intent, employment application (available at, and resume (if available) to Rex Miller, Executive Director at Camp Mack, to or to this address by Dec. 1: Camp Mack, P.O. Box 158, Milford, IN 46542.

  • Prayer concerns from Nathan and Jennifer Hosler, Church of the Brethren mission workers in Nigeria, were sent along with their recent report on peace and reconciliation work with Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria). "We greatly appreciate any opportunities you have to lift up us and the Nigerian church in prayer," they wrote. They asked for prayer for their own health and safety during travel; for vision and planning for the EYN Peace Program; and for peace in Nigeria. "Please pray for healthy relationships to be built between Muslims and Christians, for trust to be restored in communities where it has been broken," they asked. "Pray for healing of trauma and against further outbreaks of violence. Please pray for good leaders, people of justice and integrity. Nigerians suffer a lot from corruption occurring at national, state, and local levels. A few are very rich and many are very poor."

  • Four Mile Church of the Brethren in Liberty, Ind., celebrated its 200th anniversary on Oct. 24-25. It is the oldest Brethren church in Indiana.

  • Funds totaling $50,000 have been distributed from proceeds of the World Hunger Auction at Antioch Church of the Brethren in Rocky Mount, Va. According to a report in the Virlina District newsletter, Heifer International will receive $25,000 for programs outside the US. "This year the committee was given the opportunity to participate in a matching grant through Heifer resulting in this contribution being matched by funds from other sources," the newsletter said. "The specific project is responding to the 2008 earthquake in the northwestern Sichuan province in China." Other funds went to Heifer’s domestic programs, Roanoke Area Ministries, the Church of the Brethren’s Global Food Crisis Fund, and the Heavenly Manna Food Bank.

  • Northern Colorado Church of the Brethren in Windsor, Colo., has changed its name to Peace Community Church of the Brethren.

  • Upcoming district conferences include the Shenandoah District Conference on Nov. 6-7 at Bridgewater (Va.) Church of the Brethren, led by moderator Matthew Fike. The Illinois and Wisconsin District Conference on Nov. 6-8 will be at Naperville (Ill.) Church of the Brethren, led by moderator Gil Crosby. The Virlina District Conference is scheduled for Nov. 13-14 in Roanoke, Va., on the theme, "At the Name of Jesus, Every Knee Should Bend" (Philippians 2:1-11), led by moderator Patrick Starkey.

  • A surprise gift has bequested more than $700,000 to Manchester College, according to a release. The bequest came from the estates of retired school teachers Florence E. Sanders and Lucile V. Sanders and their sister Ethel Sanders. Half the bequest will be applied to visionary initiatives in academics, renovations, and other student-focused opportunities that otherwise would be beyond the college’s budgetary reach.

  • "Unleashing the Longevity Revolution" is the title of a seminar led by William Cave on Nov. 13 from 9 a.m.- 12 noon at the Village at Morrisons Cove, a Church of the Brethren retirement community in Martinsburg, Pa. The seminar will review the radical demographic changes in contemporary society that call for significant change in how a congregation plans for and carries out older adult ministry. Cave is a member of the Older Adult Ministry Cabinet of the Church of the Brethren’s Caring Ministries and a faculty fellow with the Geriatric Education Center of Pennsylvania and an adjunct instructor for the Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center. This event is sponsored by SVMC, the Village at Morrisons Cove, and Middle Pennsylvania District. There is a $10 charge to receive continuing education credit. Lunch will be provided. Registration deadline is Nov. 9. Contact Amy at 717-361-1450 or

  • The "Brethren Voices" community television show produced by Ed Groff and Portland (Ore.) Peace Church of the Brethren is featuring the International Day of Prayer for Peace in November. The On Earth Peace campaign to promote the International Day of Prayer for Peace saw 130 congregations and other interested organizations participate in at least 33 states and three different countries, according to Groff. "Brethren Voices" interviews co-coordinator Michael Colvin and features photos and videos of observances held in Rockford, Ill.; Pleasant Chapel, Ind.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Portland, Ore.; and a prayer and listening walk held in Vega Baja, P.R. Contact Ed Groff at

  • A letter encouraging an international trend toward nuclear disarmament was issued on Oct. 28 by the general secretaries of four major ecumenical bodies: the World Council of Churches, Conference of European Churches, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, and Canadian Council of Churches. "The present opportunity must be transformed into conclusive actions," the letter said in part. "We appeal to all nuclear-weapon states and states with nuclear weapons on their soil to contribute to progress under the new political dynamic." The letter was sent to President Barack Obama, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and leaders of NATO and the European Union. Find the full letter at

  • Michael Feldman’s comedy radio quiz show "Whad’ya Know" featured Heifer International on Oct. 10, according to Southern Pennsylvania District executive Joe Detrick, who listened in. Broadcasting from Little Rock, Ark., the show interviewed Ray White, Public Information Director for Heifer International. "He spoke of Dan West, seagoing cowboys, and the Church of the Brethren--an excellent interview," Detrick reported. The show archive is at

  • Ralph and Chris Dull of Lower Miami Church of the Brethren in Dayton, Ohio, and founders of the Dayton International Peace Museum, were featured in an Associated Press story about the museum’s appeal to President Obama to share his Nobel Peace Prize money. "Museum officials say they would use the prize money to expand their peacemaking and conflict-resolution programs in elementary schools and among first-time youthful offenders and at-risk youth," the report said. Find the story at

  • Ron Beachley, executive minister of Western Pennsylvania District, has announced the start of a "Sudan Prayer Adventure." The announcement appeared in the newsletter of the Brethren World Mission group. "During my personal prayer time a few months ago, I felt led to pray more intentionally for the work and ministry of the Church of the Brethren in Sudan," he wrote. Beachley will hold an initial meeting at Frederick (Md.) Church of the Brethren on Nov. 9 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. If interested in joining this effort, send a note to
Source: 11/4/2009 Newsline

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