Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christian Association of Nigeria makes statement on violence.

According to Ecumenical News International (ENI, which is related to the WCC) in a report issued on Aug. 4, "Christian and Muslim leaders in Nigeria have appealed against any act that can further inflame tensions in the north of Africa's most populous nation."

A follow up release on Aug. 5 said that, "The Christian Association of Nigeria has criticized the killing of an Islamic leader whose followers set off riots in northern Nigeria that claimed hundreds of lives and caused extensive property damage."

The releases reported that the violence in northeastern Nigeria in late July included violent protests by Boko Haram, an Islamist sect that says it represents Islam and is seeking the total incorporation of Muslim religious laws; the launch of a full-scale military onslaught by the Nigerian armed forces on July 30 against followers of Boko Haram; and the arrest of the group's leader Yusuf Mohamed, who later died while in custody.

The Nigerian president has ordered an inquiry into the circumstances of the death of Yusuf Mohamed, according to ENI. "Police say he was killed in a gunfight, but a senior army officer said the Boko Haram leader had been alive when he was captured and turned over to authorities."

Source: 8/6/2009 Newsline Extra

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