Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Domestic hunger program receives funding to fulfill grant requests.

The Church of the Brethren’s Domestic Hunger Matching Grant program has received an additional $30,000 from the Global Food Crisis Fund as well as approximately $30,000 in donations received in response to a direct fundraising appeal for the program. The program has offered matching grants of up to $500 to match congregations’ contributions for local food pantries and soup kitchens during the first quarter of 2009.

The program was conceived as a 10-week special response to the food crisis across the country this winter, co-sponsored by the church’s Global Food Crisis Fund and Emergency Disaster Fund, along with the Stewardship department.

The new funding represents enough money to match the remaining 158 applications from congregations. Congregations that submitted applications by the deadline of March 15 will have their grant amounts matched by the program. The matching grants will aid local food banks and food pantries in communities across the United States.

Congregations and denominational programs together have provided a total of more than $330,000 in assistance to 318 food pantries.

"In summary, through the Domestic Matching Grant Program, 354 congregations raised $186,446 for local food banks," reported Howard Royer, manager of the Global Food Crisis Fund. The Global Food Crisis Fund provided a total of $80,000, and the Emergency Disaster Fund provided a total of $37,500.

"We rejoice not only in this monetary response but in the significant way Brethren congregations and individuals are otherwise engaged in local ministries of compassion," Royer said.

Source: 4/8/2009 Newsline

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