Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Deadline extended for nominations for denominational offices.

The deadline for nominations for offices to be filled by election at the 2009 Church of the Brethren Annual Conference has been extended to Dec. 15. The Annual Conference will take place in San Diego on June 26-30, 2009. The announcement of the extension of the deadline for nominations came from the Nominating Committee of the Standing Committee of district delegates.

All interested individuals, congregations, groups, or district boards in the Church of the Brethren are invited to give prayerful consideration to people who would be good candidates for these important positions: Annual Conference moderator-elect (three-year term); Annual Conference Program and Arrangements Committee (three-year term); On Earth Peace Board (five-year term); Brethren Benefit Trust Board (four-year term); Bethany Seminary Board of Trustees representing the colleges (five-year term); Committee on Interchurch Relations (three-year term); Pastoral Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee representing the district executives (five-year term).

Go to the Annual Conference website at to submit nominations online. For nominations made online, the committee also must receive permission and additional biographical information from the person who is to be considered. The online nomination tool contains statements that, when agreed to, provide permission and authorization of the nomination. Those making nominations must have the consent of the person who is being nominated, and nominations should include a current e-mail address for the nominee.

To submit a nomination, go to and click on "Online Forms." Select "Nomination Form" and fill out the information requested. When the form is complete, press the "Submit" button and the information will be transmitted to the Annual Conference Office and copied to the nominee. The nominee also will receive an information form to complete and e-mail to the Annual Conference Office.

For more information or questions contact Annual Conference executive director Lerry Fogle at 800-688-5186; Nominating Committee chair Glenn Bollinger at 540-828-7402; or Annual Conference Secretary Fred Swartz at 540-828-4871.

Source: 12/3/2008 Newsline

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