Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New resources celebrate the 300th Anniversary.

The following new resources have been published as part of the celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the Brethren:
  • "Back to Schwarzenau: Celebrating 300 Years of the Brethren Movement": This video wrap up of the international celebration of the 300th Anniversary held on Aug. 2-3 in Schwarzenau, Germany, has been produced for the Brethren Encyclopedia Board by David Sollenberger. The video is available in DVD format and offers highlights of events as members of the six major Brethren bodies returned to their roots on the banks of the Eder River, where the first eight Brethren were baptized in 1708. The DVD contains a narrated 12-minute overview of the gathering, a three-minute collage of images from the weekend, the sermons from the Anniversary worship service, the McPherson College choir singing the anthem commissioned for the 300th Anniversary, a presentation by Larry Glick as Alexander Mack Sr., and a video tour of the Alexander Mack Museum. Order for $29.95 from Brethren Encyclopedia, Inc., 313 Fairview Ave., Ambler, PA 19002.

  • "Schwarzenau 1708-2008": A new book about the relationship between the village of Schwarzenau and the Brethren has been released in German and English. The book has been edited by Otto Marburger, who served as a co-coordinator of the Schwarzenau Committee for the international celebration of the Anniversary. Identifying the village as the birthplace of the Brethren, authors from Schwarzenau and the Bad Berleburg region as well as from different Brethren bodies contributed to the book. Proceeds will support the Alexander Mack Museum in Schwarzenau. Order through Brethren Press for $25 plus shipping and handling, call 800-441-3712.

  • "The Old Brethren: People of Wisdom and Simplicity Speak to Our Time": Brethren Press is offering a second edition of this book by James H. Lehman. "The Old Brethren" reviews the history, life, and faith of the Brethren in the United States in the 19th century. It is a vivid portrait of a courageous community that dared to be different. Living entirely by the Bible "as it reads," and dressing and acting in ways that often made them seem peculiar to their more sophisticated countrymen, the Brethren cultivated a faith that was simple but not simplistic. For people of the 21st century, "the old Brethren offer welcome words that speak of a deeper wisdom in the art of living," said a review from Brethren Press. Lehman is a writer and publisher and an active member of Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren in Elgin, Ill. Order from Brethren Press for $18.95 plus shipping and handling, call 800-441-3712.
Source: 8/26/2008 Newsline

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