Friday, October 19, 2007

Association of Brethren Caregivers continues to need support from congregations.

The Association of Brethren Caregivers (ABC) sent a letter last week to congregations that have contributed to the agency, asking that they continue to include ABC in their congregational budget now and in the future. In July, Annual Conference approved the Review and Evaluation Committee’s recommendation that the General Board and ABC consider re-forming into a new organization. An implementation committee was appointed to determine in the next two to three years how best to accomplish this vision.

Until this process is complete, ABC will continue as a financially independent organization, without any financial support from the General Board. Some congregations have misunderstood the timetable of the Annual Conference action and have eliminated or reallocated their past funding of ABC to the General Board. Given that the implementation committee’s process will take two to three years, the ABC Board and staff are relying on the direct support from congregations to sustain programming for the caring ministries in the Church of the Brethren. The ABC letter requested that congregations continue to include ABC in their budgets.

--Mary Dulabaum is director of communications for the Association of Brethren Caregivers.

Source: 10/19/200 300th Anniversary Update Newsline

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