Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Annual Conference elections and appointments.

Following are the elections and appointments made by the 2007 Annual Conference, listed by position:

Annual Conference Moderator-Elect: David K. Shumate

Annual Conference Secretary: Fred W. Swartz

Program and Arrangements Committee: Sarah B. Steele

Pastoral Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee: Peter C. Kaltenbaugh Jr.

Committee on Interchurch Relations: James O. Eikenberry

Association of Brethren Caregivers: J. Colleen Michael. The appointments of Marilyn E. Bussey, Wayne T. Scott, James L. Tiffin, and Chris Whitacre were affirmed.

Bethany Theological Seminary, representing colleges: Carol A. Scheppard; representing clergy: Lisa L. Hazen. The appointments of Martha Farahat and Connie Rutt were affirmed.

Brethren Benefit Trust: Deborah E. Romary. The appointments of Janice Bratton and Ann Quay Davis were affirmed.

General Board, at large: Terrell Lewis. The appointments of Frances Townsend (Michigan District), Dan Petry (Northern Indiana District), and John Moyers (West Marva District) were affirmed.

On Earth Peace: Susan Chapman. The appointments of Doris Abdullah and Don Mitchell were affirmed.

Source: 07/04/2007 Newsline

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