Wednesday, June 20, 2007

300th anniversary bits and pieces
  • A "Bible Visit Booth" at the 2007 Annual Conference in Cleveland will display Sauer Bibles. These historic Bibles were printed by Christopher Sauer, Jr., a colonial Brethren printer. The display has been traveling to visit churches in the Mid-Atlantic area, among others, and now will be offered at the Conference in hopes of "encouraging Brethren to become faithful readers of the Bible, increasing their appreciation, study, and application of it." Organizers also hope to "create a spirit of unity and renewal as the traveling Sauer Bible links us with those of the past and with each other." Al Huston is coordinator of Bible Visit, and also has produced a DVD about the Sauer Bible to help celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Brethren. The DVD is suitable for use in anniversary celebrations, membership classes, Bible studies, and more. For more information go to the Bible Visit website at

  • Those who are planning to attend the 300th Anniversary Celebration and 2008 World Assembly in Schwarzenau, Germany, on Aug. 2-3, 2008, are requested to contact Dale Ulrich at 26 College Woods Dr., Bridgewater, VA 22812; 540-828-6548; This celebration is being planned and coordinated by the Board of Directors of Brethren Encyclopedia, Inc., representing all of the Brethren bodies. Ulrich is serving as the Brethren Encyclopedia coordinator for the event.
Source: 6/20/2007 Newsline Extra

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